We offer advertising across 50 of Canada’s top quality independent financial websites. Websites within our network are selected primarily for quality of content. This ensures your ad is shown alongside content being read by targetted and engaged visitors.

Traditional CPM Advertising
Our primary offering is traditional banner advertising. Here’s why our network outperforms:

  • Based on feedback from our advertisers, we have gone exclusively to the 300X250 ad size. This is the best performing ad size, so it’s all we do.
  • All advertising is geo-targetted to Canadian visitors only. Even in a network as Canadian-centric as ours, 30% of traffic is still international. Ensuring only people located in Canada see your ads boosts performance even further.
  • Campaigns are run of network. This gives your campaign even further reach, as it’s distributed across a wide variety of quality websites. Canadians reading about finances are likely to see your ad across multiple trusted websites.

Social Media Online Advertising
If you’re looking for something more custom, we can accomodate.

Our additional offerings include email sponsorships, content publication, tweets, and facebook posts.

For example, we can have your content published on one of our network sites, and then have our other sites tweet about the article. With an active readership, 70,000 active twitter followers and a huge facebook following, all focused on the Canadian finance sector we can get the word out through social media.

Coming Soon, our own webcast
We are coordinating a weekly webcast on financial affairs. We will be promoting the webcast through our network, so expect that it will develop a large following upon launch. If you’re interested in sponsorship opportunities please contact us to discuss.

Here’s a list of some of the websites within our network:

  • Stockchase – A retired insurance executive decided to keep track of what the investment specialists are saying about individual stocks.
    Rather than try to remember everything, he’s compiled all of his notes into an online database sortable by stock or expert. This site receives frequent mention in the Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail and the Financial Post (four times in those publications so far just in 2008).
  • Canadian MoneySaver – You’re familiar with this magazine, a popular no-advertising, subscription only’ magazine that’s been a Canadian favourite for decades. Our network allows you to advertise on their website.
  • MillionDollarJourney – This widely read blog details the efforts of a eastern Canadian personal investor. This blogger has received mention in The Financial Post, The National Post, The Globe and Mail, The Telegram (Newfoundland’s leading newspaper), The Toronto Star, MoneySense Magazine, and was nominated on GlobeInvestor as
    ‘Best of the Blogs’.
  • Canadian Capitalist – One of Canada’s most popular financial blogs, this Nation’s capital blogger has been featured in almost every financial newspaper there is.
  • CanajunFinances – Big Canajun Man. Can you get anymore Canadian than that? This Ottawa native blogs about his investment efforts as well as news from around the sector.
  • Canadian Couch Potato – Dan Bortolloti, a very popular Canadian financial journalist (he’s written for pretty much every single national financial publication and newspaper) writes about index investing, ETF’s and portfolios.
  • The Money Gardener - The Gardener is more of an active investor/trader. He blogs about specifics of his trades and investments, really tending to his investments like a garden!
  • The Financial Blogger – #1 spot in Google for the search ‘financial blogger’! Good call on the domain name! Another very popular Canadian financial blog who’s had an entire article in the Globe and Mail dedicated to him in January 2008.
  • Quest for Four Pillars – This widely read blog by ‘Mr. Cheap’ is based around the principles of the best selling book ‘The four pillars of investing’.
  • Canadian Dream – Free at 45 – Where he documents his financial plan to retire at 45. This popular blog has also been interviewed by the Globe and Mail and the National Post.
  • Michael James on Money – A high tech math guy talks Canadian finances by the numbers, including topics such as RRSP’s and CPP.
  • Dividend Growth, Investing and Retirement – Fairly technical treatment on things to do with Dividend investing and retirement.
  • Dividend Ninja – a popular blog on Dividend investing.
  • A. Dawn – Investment author (Invest Now, available at Chapters) blogs about finance and investing. Also onboard is his Canadian investment blog at
  • Triage Investing Blog – Brad Ferris, Registered Nurse and business professional, blogs about investing and personal finance. The site offers unique perspectives for new and experienced investors based on strong investing fundamentals and a focus on dividends.
  • BarelKarsan – Two value investors (Barel and Karsan) and MBA’s discuss in depth investing topics. They’ve received mention at CNBC and Yahoo! Finance.
  • CanadianFinanceBlog - Another popular finance blog from Canada that has also been mentioned in the Globe and Mail.
  • Canadian Money Forum – one of the more popular financial discussion forums…of, by and for Canadians.
  • My Own Advisor – Canadian blogger Mark Seed talks about all things investment and financial. A very popular and award winning blogger, Mark is followed by professional financial reporters.
  • Financial Highway – Five mentions in the Globe and Mail in the first 8 months of 2009, this is an informative and influential Canadian financial blog.
  • Tax Resource – penned by an accountant, this site is an authority on personal tax information and a wealth of information on topics such as RRSP’s, TFSA’s and everything else of interest to high networth Canadians.
  • Canadian Financial DIY – Canadian investment blogger with a focus on the Do It Yourself’er.
  • Investor’s Friend - Canadian investment newsletter and information.
  • Retire Happy and Group Benefits Online – Retirement expert, consultant and speaker Jim Yih has two sites that talk about retirement in Canada.
  • Fabulously Broke – A young woman works their way out of debt.
  • Young and Thrifty – a Canadian financial website for the Gen Y crowd.
  • – everything banking – all the news that is Canadian bank related.
  • Give Me Back My Five Bucks – With mentions in the Wall Street Journal, Globe and Mail, MSN Money, and Financial Post magazine, Krystal blogs about her goals of paying off debt and becoming financially independnet.
  • BalanceJunkie – Turning 40 was a milestone for this Canadian blogger – she decided to take control of her finances and blog about it.
  • The Passive Income Earner – a journey through passive income and reinvestments.
  • Money Index – a financial news aggregator, pulling together posts from a huge number of Canadian financial websites. Voted 2011’s Globe and Mail’s Canada’s best investing blog! (close runner up Canadian Couch Potato is also part of the network).
  • Sustainable Personal Finance – This financial website on finances and frugality with an eye to eco-friendliness has been mentioned everywhere from to the Globe and mail.
  • Boomer and Echo – Written by Robb Engen, this personal finance blog has received ten mentions in the Globe and Mail in 2011 alone, along with mentions in places like Canadian Business online.
  • My Own Advisor – this popular Canadian investment blog shows how the author looks at dividend investing, index investing, and a variety of other topics.
  • – a blog written by a variety of expers on investing, including MBA’s, accountants and traders.
  • SimplyInvesting – A blog from a Canadian investment coach.
  • – a thrifty save money blog for Canadians.
  • The Loonie Bin Blog – Another Canadian financial blogger.

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